Poem: I’m here for you


Oh my dear,


Whenever I see you’re in pain,

like today, it is so clear.

But don’t be scared, my comrade.


I won’t blame you for voicing your hurt,

I won’t take your rage personal

And like so put it in the dirt.

How could I ever offend you in such a way?


I’m a true friend, homie, I’ll stay,

Pull you through any day;

I won’t let this hurt drag me away.


I’ll be right here, by your side,

Some warm place near your heart,

Where I will forever reside.




To my beloved friend, who is going through a rough patch in life. I’m here for you.



1 Comment

  1. Don’t tell me that you just wrote it out of your imagination and did not send such beautiful words actually to that lucky guy (or the lady).


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