About Me

Ever since I discovered my great passion for writing and took it a bit more serious, I go under the name of SG Scotts. Currently, I am working on a fantasy novel – the first book in a series of three – aside from working a day job at the local library.

My main drive is finding universal wisdom in the sharing of art and thinking, my own little way to contribute in this sharing process is by story-telling, as I love to take people with me to embark on an epic journey or tale.

Whenever I’m not reading or working on my book, I love to engage in online communities, especially those who’d use writing as a part of gaming or contribution to the community, like role-play communities (paragraph-styled) and online servers that bring together all sorts of digital artists with dorks like me.

I have been writing unpublished poems, short stories, and drafts for the past two years, and I aspire to do so for the rest of my life, only difference being  is that I would publish them. It is my dream to contribute to society through my stories and be able to perfect the craft in the best way I can.

I finished two online classes with Gotham Writers, Fiction Writing 1 and Novel First Draft Part 1, which were both 10 week classes that helped me a lot so far. After these I went on and decided to try out a different writers school which brought me to Catapult, where I’m enrolled for a 6-week advanced workshop in editing fiction.

Fields of study I would most commonly immerse myself in are anthropology, archeology, cosmology, history, geology, mythology, neurology, and, of course, predominantly the fine arts of literature.

If you have any questions, the urge to share your opinion, would like to start a project with me, or invite me to your community? Don’t hesitate and send me a message right away!


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